2 Apr 2014


And Christmas is here again!!!!

Christmas is celebrated all around the world in many different ways.... Look!

 For example, in Catalunya children hit a log with a stick....and the log is suposed to bring us presents...and it does!!!

In the U.S.A. is Santa Claus who visits the kids on Christmas night and leaves the presents under the tree....

In Australia....is Summer!
So they don't have a white Christmas....they have a blue Christmas at the beach...near the sea....

             In Russia....they like having fireworks at Christmas.... as you can see in this photo from Moscow.

In Catalunya and in all Spain The Three Magic Kings come on the 5th January night, while children is sleeping, and they leave presents for them under the fireplace or under the Xmas tree...

And in Laponia.....while all the world is getting ready for the great celebration....Santa Claus...or Father Christmas, as you prefer, is preparing his sledge and his deers for a very long way....... 

In our school we are also preparing everything for celebrating Christmas!

Hello kids and families!
Welcome back to our blog.

We know it's been a long time since the last post in our blog......but we've been busy trying to renovate and improve it, as well.
And now, we are back here again, with lots of interesting things to explain and show to you.

We changed many things in the blog, like for example, its name. Before, this was the Arts and Crafts blog. But now, it's the Arts and English corner.
Why? Easy answer!
Along the year, we've been working on many different and interesting projects in both, Arts and English. We want to share them all with you. So, we're not just an Arts blog anymore. Here we'll share with you our experiences in both subjects, English and Arts. 

Let me introduce our group to you!
Here we are!

We are sure you will know some of 
the people right here!! 

But......I think there's someone new.....Who is he???
He's not a teacher....not a pupil.....not a mum or a dad.....

We invite you to guess!
Let's guess!!